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De modo que la conjetura habitual segn la cual los pacientes borderline no seran capaces de mentalizar o slo de forma muy reducida debe ser revisada crticamente. Numerosos pacientes borderline se caracterizan ms bien porque mentalizan demasiado, de modo que la capacidad para mentalizar est a menudo presente, aunque de forma alterada. Gracias a una terapia psicodinmica basada en la mentalizacin, la mencionada capacidad puede volver a la normalidad..

Esercizio fisico e mentale, dieta alimentare, stimolanti, videogiochi, musica, meditazione. Sarebbero questi i fattori chiave dell cognitiva, come spiega Emily Anthes sull numero di Scientific American (E. Anthes, Six Ways to Boost Brainpower, Scientific American, Mind Brain, Feb.

Under a FairTax system, points of collection will be dramatically reduced (from millions of individuals to considerably fewer retailers, many of whom are already collecting sales tax). Michigan wage earners will no longer experience income tax collectors adding interest and penalties to tax bills they only found out about after their return was prepared (and PAID for) at the end of the year. With a Michigan FairTax, income tax returns, audits, interest and penalites vanish.

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This therapeutic model apprehends the borderline personality disorder in all its complexity and is based on two main concepts: Bowlby’s attachment theory and the concept of mentalization. The MBT is based on the hypothesis that a deficit of mentalization leads to the development of borderline disorder. The capacity of mentalization, also known as reflexive function, is acquired in infancy through interpersonal relationships, in particular those of attachment, and is the ability to understand the mental state (emotions, needs, thoughts, etc.) of oneself and others which underlies explicit behaviour.

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