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D) ne consegue che i fanatici islamisti, che saranno fanatici ma sanno combattere, hanno aspettato pazientemente nascosti e hanno colpito i carri di fianco, nel punto vulnerabile. E probabilmente sono anche riusciti a fuggire, cosa che in un teatro di guerra organizzato non sarebbe successo, i cannoncinidi un blindato leggero o le armi della della fanteria li avrebbero falciati dopo il primo colpo. O ancora prima, è questo il trucco..

Il primo utilizzo in battaglia avvenne durante la conquista dell’Etiopia. Alcuni squadroni di carri L furono schierati durante la campagna. Già durante l’intervento in Spagna, i carristi italiani si resero conto dell’inferiorità dei loro mezzi rispetto a quelli degli avversari.

Méthodes . Les participants maintiennent la station debout pendant 3120s sur la WinPod posée au dessus de la plateforme AMTI à des fins de synchronisation, selon les modalités suivantes: pieds nus, chaussures de sécurités respectant uniquement les normes de sécurité obligatoires (), chaussures de sécurité plus confortables (OREGON), chaussures de sécurité à semelle convexe, dite ergonomique (MBT). Les quatre conditions sont comparées à l’aide d’une Anova à un facteur suivie du test post hoc de Fisher (=0,05)..

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I think it is fine to have a personal faith or belief, but if an elected representative is to represent the ‘whole’ of a population, which will obviously include beliefs of every stripe, then a definite NO to using religious tenets as a guiding principle in politics unless these principles are also universally held by everyone who is being represented in the first place. Yes, the founding fathers were definitely religious, everyone back then was, but they also knew the reality that they came from whereby they were persecuted for their beliefs. Maybe god could make it work, but people sure can’t..

Lately I have been on the slippery slope of psychological exhaustion that was turning out a lot of negative judgments. I feel you can only call a scoundrel a charlatan or a thief once or twice before people lose interest. I did not set out to produce 100 pages of commentary and it is my long association with Bill Moyers at a great distance that brought up all those deep feelings, thoughts, and ideas.

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