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Whether patients tend to hypermentalise can be determined for instance by using the for the Assessment of Social Cognition (MASC). Here the patient will be played 15 minute films. After various scenes, the patient is asked how he or she interprets these sequences.

L era formato da quattro uomini e godeva di un impianto interfono:nello scafo anteriore destro trovava posto il pilota, che per la visione esterna usufruiva di tre periscopi in incamiciatura corazzata. All quello centrale era sostituibile con un visore notturno a infrarossi Alenia. Egli accedeva al proprio posto attraverso un portello che si apriva verso sinistra e disponeva di un portello di fuga ovale, ricavato nel pavimento.

Les participants du groupe MBT ont reu 18 mois de traitement basé sur la mentalisation et ont suivi encore 18 mois après la sortie de l’hpital un groupe de MBT. Le groupe témoin a reu un traitement psychiatrique standard. 8 ans après le début de l’étude ou 5 ans après la fin du traitement, la thérapie basée sur la mentalisation a montré que les patients dans le groupe MBT ont largement plus bénéficié de leur traitement que les patients du groupe de traitement standard..

While I applaud Senator Colbeck in his co sponsorship of SB 1 to repeal the MBT, I also wonder why it has languished in the Finance Committee since 1/19, and HB 4187 (the House version) languishes in the Tax Policy Committee while at least 20 additional bills have been introduced to “amend” the MBT rather than “repeal” it. Do our Senators and Representatives have a commitment to follow through and push for legislation that they campaigned on and co sponsored? Introducing a bill is one thing, getting it out of Committee and to the floor for an up or down vote is quite another. I would guess that many of these co sponsors do not want to challenge Governor Snyder’s plan of replacing the current MBT with a 6% Corporate tax, a plan that looks good on paper, but will not bring jobs to Michigan.

Rheinmetall will supply the Royal Thai Navy with a Naval Warfare Training Simulator (NWTS) under a contract announced on 5 April. The NWTS will be based on Rheinmetall’s Action Speed Tactical Trainer. It will be used to prepare personnel for a variety of combat scenarios, including engaging mines as well as surface, aerial and underwater targets.

Sono tornato presto, non c’erano le condizioni. Ad esempio: mi sono stirato il flessore e dovevo andare a Singapore a curarmi, due ore di aereo ogni volta. E poi non mi adattavo al loro stile di vita: una città difficile, non occidentalizzata, una cultura complessa.

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